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Base of the neck

As an ongoing student, I get the privilege to train using the methods that Sifu Kelley provides. I've been following the teaching on the pearls and core filling. Something that I've encountered is the realization of how much tension I have in my shoulders holding them up against gravity. Also, I've seen how I use the hydraulic pressure of the core to push up my crown from the front. The latter probably contributes to the former. As I let go of this in training, I get a taste of suspending the crown and dropping the shoulders.

Ring my bell

Small Circulation

I had a great conversation with sifu today.


Okay. New thing. Lol. From the center of the right kua to about 2/3 of the way to the center, moving towards the navel I've been having a vibrational feeling. It feeling like when a bell is rung out a tuning fork is struck. It lasts from 5-30 seconds. I can't place what it may be resonating with, if anything.


Scratch that. Tapping that area sets off the vibration. It's interesting.I'm feeling it up into the lower abdomen now too. It doesn't feel very deep.

Why I'm an ongoing student...

I've been a sifu on demand student for four plus years. Why am I still here? Because I have actually engaged the material and see how that it is effective and leads to real skill and understanding. I don't mean to sound condescending to anyone that decides to end their time here. However, if you have completed stage one and two but you haven't engaged the ongoing training then you are truly missing out. The training only deepens and widens your sense of your body and it's mechanism.