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Iliqchuan, the feel, and Sifuondemand

I never joined this site to train in Iliqchuan. My original intent was to learn ancient Chinese secrets in order to give legitimacy to my previous training. Lol. But, as I began training along with Sifu Kelley, I realized that I was already training the Iliqchuan feel. So, I decided that if I ever resumed my previous training it would be from a different view and perspective. Over the last few years I have not been the best student but have done the work enough to begin to get some internal feel. This past week I went for my second visit to Tucson for live training.

Yin and yang tissue

Lately in my training, I've noticed that as i unify my yin tissues begin to feel heavy, full, and a dense sponge that is full of water. The yang tissues feel equally full but they are light and expansive. The more I recognize these feelings, the more I can mobilize the body with them. i.e. expand to absorb, condense to project. This feeling in the arms is increased by wrapping the elbows down while maintaining the same position of my wrist. The wrapping really amps up the fullness.