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Definition of Internal Practice

Chinese Martial Arts are sometimes divided into two adversarial camps: Internal vs External. This has always bothered me as it is usually in some kind of advertising where I see these terms. Over the years as I have kept abreast of anatomy, neuroscience research and related disciplines as part of ongoing professional development, I have always looked to resolve what I percsive a false distinction. In 2010, I published a draft definition of internal practice in my FAQ. Since then I have been fortunate to receive feedback and continue to refine the language.

An update on my journey!

Greetings Sifu! Sorry it has taken me so long to post about my training updates! I'll be as brief as I can. My training is going so great. In spite of limited time, I feel myself growing in both mental awareness and physical cultivation. In my training, I have noticed more fullness on my entire body. In the last month or so I found my back (yang) to be opening up more and more, with this I have felt a more relaxing stretch that expands as opposed to the tension stretching I was doing to try and feel the yang. This hit me like a ton of bricks and increased my excitement for my training!