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Fullness while breathing

Sorry I haven't posted for while. Very busy with school. While seated, when I inhale I feel full ness go through my body and it goes on the exhale. Like the body is inflating and deflating. In the foot it is strongest into the big toe. Pretty interesting. Is that a good sign?


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First, never force the breath.

If not forcing the breath, then this is a good sign. A sign that your are quieting down the mind and body enough to begin to see a bit more of expansion. Also why to inhale is to expand.  Now that you can recognize the yang aspect, you should also look to see the complimentary yin aspect absorb. You might want to revisit 'Expand to Absorb - Condense to Project'.

Good job! 

Keep working after viewing the lesson(s) and see if you can maintain the fullnes on the exhale. Moving forward there's a great deal of this sort of work.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the feedback, as always. For some reason, when I try to maintain the fullness, sometimes, I feel something in my solar plexus or middle dan tien. Nothing major, just able to feel like I am tryin to inhale, but I'm not. I guess you could call it suction, but I can feel it inside and not just on the surface. I am assuming that this has to with my breath no being completely separate from my breath. What do you think?

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As always, these concerns will be clarified as you move through the lessons. No use getting ahead of yourself. :) Explore the material at hand as deeply as you can each week, then move to the next lesson. The order matters. 

The Chi Factory curriculum is designed to be followed along each week in order from start to finish.