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Step-by-step to genuine understanding.

The UnCarved Block Program is a detailed record and distillation of over 35 years of intensive mind-body work. The latest neuroscience and authentic NejJia (Internal Martial Arts) are presented as one integrated training system. If you are new to NeiJia, start here. course listing

The Bridge to Zhong Xin Dao Stage One and Stage Two curriculum is specifically designed to help existing NeiJia practitioners experience the Zhong Xin Dao method. I have included original materials to help to clarify the transition to Zhong Xin Dao. pay tuition

Ongoing Students - Partner Practice and Intensives After Stage 2 or the UnCarved Block Program has been completed and movement has been evaluated, dedicated ongoing students are eligible for limited access to comprehensive class archives. Students must train in person to be evaluated for full access.

At any time, students can form an official Zhong Xin Dao Study Group and get support from the ZXD international training community. learn more