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Sifu On Demand is an online training program designed by Kelley Graham to help NeiJia students incease mental and physical capacities. Increased capacity leads to deeper insight. Deeper insight enables higher skill. Our curriculum is evidence-based, using neuroscience and neuroanatomy to bring context to the counterintuitive experiences unique to authentic Chinese esoteric practice. Students directly map the esoteric language associated with high-level internal arts to specific physiological sensations. The poetics of the Taoist Classics will become clear.  Check our FAQ, join our community and train.


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If You Train, You Will Change



For centuries, NeiJia (Chinese Internal Martial Arts) have provided tools for developing excellent character, high martial skill and deep self cultivation. Train for health and long life. Train for survival. Genuine transformation requires focus, commitment and effective training methods. You provide the focus and commitment and I provide the training methods. If you train, you will change.

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I have been doing this training long enough to recognize the states that my body goes through during the learning process. Right now my body is "in between". It's not what it was. It's not what it's transforming into yet. But, it is in a new and interesting phase. My whole body is perceived differently than before. I have found so much body dysmorphia, perceiving my body in a way that does not reflect reality, is the root of the lack of integration in my body.

Standing inside the body

Last night I felt like I actually had some kind of real sensation of standing. In earlier weeks of the pratice sometimes while doing the standing mediation I would shift my weight from front to back or back to front very slightly to try and see what alignment would bring out more clear sensations of backstop, foot couple, bones pushing, tissue pulling.

Bubbling under the skin

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Yesterday while I was waiting for something to finish baking I did some arm swings and then some standing. When I was standing I felt like underneath my skin or maybe between my skin and my fascia there was some bubbling or some kind of pulsing feeling going on, maybe related to my hearbeat but it didn't seem to quite sync. This was going on in the space in between my shoulder blades. Is this the kind of stretch we are trying to accomplish with this warm up or was this maybe just a coincedental feeling.


I have started to experience something interesting. When I Stand and relax my soft tissues they seem to "empty out". This void between the skin surfaces is filled with an empty support that pushes out in all directions and the muscles soften even more. I'm neither light nor heavy. The support in the tissues does not produce a feeling of high pressure. It feels simply full and soft yet there is some power when I move. It's very interesting. I can tell that it's a weak version of something that will continue to increase as I train. I've never felt this before. It's really exciting!

Linking Form - Lianhuan Quan - Li Cun Yi

 - This from David DeVere's Empty Flower archive - 

The following pictorial of Lianhuan Quan was originally written by the late Grandmaster Li Cun Yi. It was published by his student Jiang Rong Jiao in 1930 in the book "Xing Yi Lianhuan Quan." The following information is from the book "Xingyi Lianhuan Quan," translated by Joseph Crandall and used with permission. I highly recommend you visit his Smiling Tiger website. He has a wealth of material previously unavailable in English.

My Response to the Covid19 Pandemic

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Effing --wham! --ugh-- seems like 2020 has been one body blow after another. All the while thinking: Keep your guard up. Stay on your feet. Keep training. Keep teaching. Change. Adapt. Overcome. Move forward. Keep pushing the skill. Wear that mask. These are not normal times.

Why Standing Meditation?

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There are many different kinds of meditation. You probably know about mindfulness. However, mindfulness training is not really the best for high performance. After 6 weeks of light practice, it helps with conflict resolution and general stress reduction. Mindfulness doesn't appear to assist with intentional learning methods like internal martial arts.

Stop Uprooting - Start Integrating

Chang Foot Sweep

Coupled power will remove 'uproot' from your vocabulary. We are not trees. We have no root. If your body is collapsed, root makes sense. If your chi is stagnant from your collapsed body, root makes sense. The mind-body integration that solves 'collapse' comes from understanding tensegrity and its application to our neuroanatomy. I really can't speak more plainly. Stop uprooting. There is no root to break. All you are really training is avoidance of direct contact with power.

Tensegrity, Neuroanatomy and Coupled Power

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The tensegrity model is great abstraction of our body structure. Neuroanatomy offers deeper insight into movement. Neither approach imparts the specific understanding that enables us to be more powerful and comfortable in our own skin.

New UCB LIVE Subscription


NEW! I am rolling out the new UCB Program Live Subscription. Get started. Dip your toe in the depths. Satisfy your curiosity.

UCB Program - 5 Mental Models of Transformation


Can you get from here to there without a map? Without a clear path you are lost. Mind-Body training without a destination is lost time. The UnCarved Block Program provides a method to transform yourself.

Mind-Body Training Overview - 8 Class Hours

Small Circulation

An introduction to basic mind-body concepts and terminology. Standing meditation and simple movements show how the generation of internal power is guided by specific qi sensations. These initial qi sensations are mapped to modern neuro-anatomy to fit clearly in a western scientific context.

Stretch down the back?

So during training the other night it felt like my breath traveled down my spine to the kidney area into the lower abdomen and filled it up. This would have the effect, if I let it, of opening me up stand straight when I inhale and then come down onto a deeper c shape on the exhale. The kidney area at the sides and lower back along the spine was very explicit.

Filling training

Wow! I just saw that I've been a part of this community for 7 years! That's awesome and frustrating because I should be so much farther along but.... No judging... I've been working on the pearls training or "pearling" as Connor calls it. For some time I've been able to feel the joints open and close in the legs when inhale and exhale. But, after a ribs of doing the wedgie breath and the chair exercise I stood up and my body opened up in a new way and it felt like the whole back of my legs opened up and we're like balloons that filled and deflated with the inhale and exhale.

Tai Chi Boost - Get Certified

NOTE: PT's and other touch-based practitioners. If you want to grow your business of helping and healing, I have built Tai Chi Boost as a  certification program to better engage the allopathic medical professional.  Frankly, MD's, psychiatrists, talk therapists and other clinicians are completely uninterested in how badass you are in the ring. In fact, your fight credentials and marital expertise will work against you.

Handmade Neijia Training Tools

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Hi: Happy New Year! I've decided to offer handmade neijia training tools. Watch here for limited production runs. Volume is dependent on my time and demand. I will include instructional materials on their use.

Internal Power and Cardio Health

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Students regularly ask me if they have to stop doing cardio or strength training in order to gain 'Internal Power'.

This is an excellent question that touches on every aspect of our training. I'll be succinct.