If You Train, You Will Change


For centuries, NeiJia (Chinese Internal Martial Arts) have offered practitioners tools for developing excellent character, high martial skills and deep self cultivation. Train for health and long life. Train for survival. Genuine transformation of mind and body is possible only with focus, commitment and effective training methods. You provide the focus and commitment and I provide the training methods. If you train, you will change.

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Outside In, Inside Out

torso inside

Here's a little something regarding Outside in, Inside out.

When beginning, we work from the outside in, and there are many things to consider. When there is some accomplishment, we work from the inside out, and there is only one thing to consider."

What is the one thing?

David DeVere's EF Archives - Call For Volunteers

Over the years I've enjoyed the lively online community at David DeVere's Empty Flower Forum. After David moved on from managing the site (and many other crazy evolutions, well documented) his content site was retired and the forum lived on as the Rum Soaked Fist. After David passed away, I received permission to make public the beautiful Empty Flower site.