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13 Points and the 4 Stages of Relaxation

Sifu and dear brothers and sisters,

I seem to be unable to gain clarity when it comes to the relationship between the 13 points (and consequently the 5 qualities of unification) and the 4 stages of relaxation.

The Light Touch or the 4 Ounce Bridge

Dear Sifu, ILC brothers and sisters,

I was wondering what your thoughts and experiences are of the coveted "light touch" or the "4 ounce bridge" in martial arts (mainly arts that are considered "soft styles" I suppose).

My personal experience is that sometimes, it is easy to "keep running away" / keep retreating into a corner when chasing this particular quality at the contact point (perhaps using inappropriate means no doubt).

Peace and harmony,

Articular Capsule and Joint Proprioception

Sifu, I've been doing some research into haptics lately and I'm beginning to appreciate more and more the role proprioception might play in "object shape perception" through the sense of touch.

I was wondering if you have any information on this subject, off the top of your head, that might be helpful in my investigations along these lines (please don't spend too much of your time on this - I will keep looking myself - at this point it is nothing more than a personal curiosity).