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Why I Practice Zhong Xin Dao - Sam Chin Way

In sharing Zhong Xin Dao, I am often asked if I continue to practice the arts I've previously studied. The answer is no and the answer is yes. In October (2014) I will turn 50 and will have been diligently training for 40 years. How can one erase or even separate out the effects of such duration written on the body and mind? It's not possible. My previous practice is deeply inscribed on my perceptions, views and approach to life. According to this I must say, "Yes, I still practice". However, I choose to empty my cup in order to learn.

Straight and Curved

In the Neijia Arts we sometimes refer to the concept of "Finding the Straight Within The Curved". What does this video say, if anything, about your training methodologies?

What Is Softness In Light Of Tai Chi Principles

As I read through student posts I get the sense that you all want to hear something more about the training process. In short, each of you from a Tai Chi Chuan background are beginning to recognize the difference between the Tai Chi Chuan mindset and the Xhong Xin Dao mindset. Although Tai Chi principles support both methodologies, the approaches are very different.