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Straight and Curved

In the Neijia Arts we sometimes refer to the concept of "Finding the Straight Within The Curved". What does this video say, if anything, about your training methodologies?

What Is Softness In Light Of Tai Chi Principles

As I read through student posts I get the sense that you all want to hear something more about the training process. In short, each of you from a Tai Chi Chuan background are beginning to recognize the difference between the Tai Chi Chuan mindset and the Xhong Xin Dao mindset. Although Tai Chi principles support both methodologies, the approaches are very different.

Starting A Study Group

Starting a study group is great! Here are my thoughts. Be yourself, be sincere, be open.

The first thing as a study group leader to keep in mind is that you lead. it's best to lead by example. This means be yourself, be sincere, be neutral as much as you are able at all times. This means regular attention to the individuals under your wing. Even though you are just starting out in the ILC curriculum, your skill level has less to do with growing your group than the example you set. Your primary role is to lead, then to teach.