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Stretch down the back?

So during training the other night it felt like my breath traveled down my spine to the kidney area into the lower abdomen and filled it up. This would have the effect, if I let it, of opening me up stand straight when I inhale and then come down onto a deeper c shape on the exhale. The kidney area at the sides and lower back along the spine was very explicit.

Sausage feeling

So after hearing sifu describe the "sausage feeling" I went scattering through anatomy pics and came across the transverse abdominis (TA) sheath. It runs down the front of the abdomen and the rectus abdominis is engaged within it. My thought is that when we release the tissues and the stabilizers are properly activated the TA pulls the sheath tight and we can feel all of the fascia around the rectus pull against the front of the TA.

Filling training

Wow! I just saw that I've been a part of this community for 7 years! That's awesome and frustrating because I should be so much farther along but.... No judging... I've been working on the pearls training or "pearling" as Connor calls it. For some time I've been able to feel the joints open and close in the legs when inhale and exhale. But, after a ribs of doing the wedgie breath and the chair exercise I stood up and my body opened up in a new way and it felt like the whole back of my legs opened up and we're like balloons that filled and deflated with the inhale and exhale.