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Frustration and training

My training over the last 6 months had consisted of times of breakthrough and release where I felt more comfortable and at ease in my body followed sudden, inexplicable regressions to a level of discomfort that I didn't have previously. Then, I spend time trying to train me way out of that. It's like a switch gets flipped and my body just does something else. Training sessions loosen me up and I feel better but often it doesn't last regressing into some other uncomfortable position. I know training is the answer.

Umbrella ribs

The biggest change that I've encountered recently is my thoracic spine not collapsing. This started as a feeling of the bottom ribs spreading and being lifted like a parachute filling with rising air. To get this to happen, I would actually lift my ribs on the fron a little as if I were trying to catch some rising air and when placed correctly they lift and the entire ribcage becomes a supportive structure. After further training isee that the ribs are only changing because of the thoracic spine activating to get in on the Standing.

Belt area soreness

I've been doing the exercise you taught us on Wednesday using the diaphragm to stretch forward, backward, left, right, and twisting. Let me tell you, I have been VERY sore around my belt line. Rolling over in bed is groan inducing. Lol! The sensation is interesting but I'll be glad when there's no pain associated with it. Is there anything in particular about this region that is important to pay attention to?