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Belt area soreness

I've been doing the exercise you taught us on Wednesday using the diaphragm to stretch forward, backward, left, right, and twisting. Let me tell you, I have been VERY sore around my belt line. Rolling over in bed is groan inducing. Lol! The sensation is interesting but I'll be glad when there's no pain associated with it. Is there anything in particular about this region that is important to pay attention to?

Good vibrations

I've noticed a new sensation. When I stand and feel the foot couple, I get a feeling of the bones and the meat separating from the bones in my feet. The bones are being pressed down and the meat is hanging down between the bones of the foot so theres a front to back stretch fom the heel to the toes and a transverse stretch from side to side. It's pretty intense. As I release into the feeling of the aligning to the bones and the stretch increases, the soft tissue starts to fade from my awareness and I feel a humming/ vibration in my bones. It's not like the buzz of static.

Lymphatic breath

I just finished the most recent lymphatic breath lesson. I felt all of the things you pointed out. It is very intersting how the sensations change from the belly/hips, to the kidneys/back, and then the very interesting pouring over the shoulders/collar bones. The sensation around the neck and collar bones was a cool, thick, liquidy feeling. Things in my body felt more clear to my awareness. You mentioned smiling down and releasing the perineum simultaneously and that was very helpful.