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I have been doing this training long enough to recognize the states that my body goes through during the learning process. Right now my body is "in between". It's not what it was. It's not what it's transforming into yet. But, it is in a new and interesting phase. My whole body is perceived differently than before. I have found so much body dysmorphia, perceiving my body in a way that does not reflect reality, is the root of the lack of integration in my body.


I have started to experience something interesting. When I Stand and relax my soft tissues they seem to "empty out". This void between the skin surfaces is filled with an empty support that pushes out in all directions and the muscles soften even more. I'm neither light nor heavy. The support in the tissues does not produce a feeling of high pressure. It feels simply full and soft yet there is some power when I move. It's very interesting. I can tell that it's a weak version of something that will continue to increase as I train. I've never felt this before. It's really exciting!

C shapes

Recently, I've felt like the body is like an ice cream sandwich. Lol! The hydraulic bit is sandwiched between the solid bits and if you want to increased stability and power that the hydraulic bits provide then you have to maintain the proper relationship between the sandwich and the filling. The C shape of the spine and the C shape of the legs have to have a certain relationship or the hydraulic quality is not maintained in the whole body. The arc of the spine most remain behind the arc of the legs.