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Hydraulic wave

This is not directly related to the training methods in UCB but I've noticed that whole doing loosening arm swings I can feel a hydraulic pulse. As the arms and hands come down the pulse goes down to the feet and bounces up through the body. My concern is that I can feel the pulse in my face, between my eyebrows. No pain or discomfort. What is missing that allows the pulse to go beyond my shoulders?

Daily life

I have noticed that I can relax while walking and my whole torso kind of unifies and the tension disappears. All of the meat drops straight down. I was able to feel this while vacuuming. It was surreal. The level of ease in movement was beyond anything I've ever felt. I moved the vacuum effortlessly. I know that moving a vacuum doesn't require much effort but this practically zero effort. I felt no effort in my torso at all.