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Spontaneous movements

I have been experiencing some spontaneous rocking/swaying/oscilating movements of my torso sometimes while standing,more so when sitting. These movements are unpredictable and small. The change with the breath constanly evolving and adapting. I can reduce these movements or give myself over to it. I feel like reducing the movements is interfering with a process that should be happening. Sifu, you talk about non interference. Is this something that I should be  experiencing and allowing to happen? Is this to be expected? Is this a natural balancing process?

Shoulders, hips, organs

I noticed today that when I stand I release my back and shoulders and my hips and shoulders almost feel like the same thing. Also, I feel the organs have a support that they produce for the body. when I let everything go to the degree that I'm able the spaces or hollows form and the outside of the body can relax more and the inner spaces support the body still having space to breathe.  On another note, I realized today that my awarness of my body was that my torso was basically two dimensional. It was as if I my body had only front and a back. No awareness of the inside.


As I train, I am becoming more aware of the sacrum. It feels like a wedge. When I make the back stop and feel the "L" stretch it produces a line all the way up the back of the legs to the sacrum. It's as if the wedge of the sacrum and the feet are directly communicating. When I roll the hip to point the tail bone down and the wedge appears it lifts the arches of my feet and produces the back stop. What I do with the sacrum affects the whole body. It's as if I'm standing with the sacrum. It's like a keystone. I can relax so much more of my muscle witht this awarness.