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Yin and yang tissue

Lately in my training, I've noticed that as i unify my yin tissues begin to feel heavy, full, and dense...like a dense sponge that is full of water. The yang tissues feel equally full but they are light and expansive. The more I recognize these feelings, the more I can mobilize the body with them. i.e. expand to absorb, condense to project. This feeling in the arms is increased by wrapping the elbows down while maintaining the same position of my wrist. The wrapping really amps up the fullness. read more about Yin and yang tissue

Throat/throat notch

Lately, I've noticed a feeling of fullness in the throat. It's not painful but not comfortable, either. It helps to stretch the chin upward. The fullness is able to drop more with more expanding at the mingmen. What's going on? read more about Throat/throat notch

Tucking the ribs

I've recently begun to feel the ribs tucking as a quality and not just doing it because it's one of the 13 points. I find that I have had a habit of holding onto my diaphragm. When I release it, there is a drawing in and pulling on the lower ribs. I assume this is because the diaphragm itself is attached to these ribs. read more about Tucking the ribs