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One part moves, all parts move

A mechanism that I have observed is that when I move in this way the body is already coordinated. In the bending exercise, if I maintain the sensations prescribed, when I move one cavity the others respond with their apporpriate movement for what I am trying to do. I can pick any reference point such as the spine, the knees, or the feet and simly maintain the feeling from the feet up to the sacrum and from the sacrum up to the neck and if I move the reference the other bits move in concert. There is no sequence to it. They all go at the same time.

The U

To be completely honest, feeling the U is not always the easy for me. I can feel four points at the "corners" of it more readily. I can clearly feel the back stop and the toes going out and away from the heel. I can feel relationship between my sacrum and my heel and the unification through the legs. I can feel the shoulders being supported and the sternum lift up. For all of that the U still eludes me and I still find it difficult to release my diaphragm. I guess that those things will come along when my body is ready.


A strange thing that I've noticed is that I feel more clumsy in day to day movement. Am I actually more clumsy because my body is in the process of learning a new way to be or am I just aware of how clumsy I've always been but was too dull to perceive it?