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Something I've noticed is that I will itch after a training session, especially with moving training and breath work. Is this normal? The itching is transient and is often only in certain regions of the body like the front of the arms but sometimes it can be fairly strong, but passes quickly. I wanted to ask about this since it seems to be happening regularly. Thanks in advance, sifu!


Sifu, you said in one of the classes that the pressure from the glottal stop to the perineum should not change as we breathe. What does it mean if the pressure is changing?

Pulsing in the perineum

Sometimes while standing very tall and as to get the center of the quads to stretch, I can feel a pulsing in the perineum. I heard you talking about a pulsing vibration in reference to the changes the body makes to maintain balance. Are these pulses I'm feeling related?