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Armpit suction

I noticed today that when suspending the crown, i would get a suction in the armpit and my arm pulled in closer to my body automatically. Interesting. read more about Armpit suction

Dang lower back

I went on a road trip this weekend and my back tightened up a lot. I can't feel a lot of the things that I've been developing lately. my back is so tied up I can't get it to release. did some training last night and I'm just getting to where I can release the lower back a little bit to be able to feel the ming men point, but it feels like a knotted up mess. Lol. train train train read more about Dang lower back

Trouble sleeping

I have been having trouble sleeping. I am not having any trouble with being tired. I can fall asleep just fine, but I am waking up regularly at about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. The trouble is getting back to sleep. Sifu tells is to keep the energy down or this could happen, however, I haven't noticed the energy coming up or any agitation. Also, everyone else in the house is cold when I'm hot. Again, I'm not getting hot during training, just comfortable at a lower temperature than everybody else. Is this just a coincidence, or is it related to my training? read more about Trouble sleeping