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Getting the junk out

When I was doing tai chi in college I remember carlos saying that after you do tai chi for a while you could become ill because the tai chi movements help squeeze the lymphatic system which can make them release old junk that is store inside your body. After last class and the class two weeks ago I felt a little ill afterwards and the following day. Are the new movements we've been going over more likely to release junk that's been stored inside the body?

Upper transverse stretch or nothing important

SanTi Sun LuTang

A few days a go when doing the push pull elbow I felt a stretch in the middle of the upper back right on the spine and inline with the shoulder blades. When I did the standing that spot felt similar to how the transverse stretch feels in the lower part of the body. The next day when doing the standing I could not feel it very clearly but it seemed like there was still some awareness of that spot and also I feel like the shoulders and ribcage had a different awareness than the previous day.

One Time Feelings / Upper body twisting and pelvic floor

Last week there was one time when I was doing the standing and I felt like I had this sensation where the upper front part of the hip was connected into the front part of the abdomen, maybe it was the master cavity. When I would bend it would feel like that point on the hip was pulled into the upper abdomen part. I haven't felt that again though, not sure if this is just a passing sensation or if that kind of sensation is a connection we should try to be aware of.