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Bending with the cavities and stretch under the scapula

Pretty much as the title says. I was practicing standing tall and trying to get all the slack out. Then I started practicing bending with the cavities. I felt like I was doing a pretty good job standing tall and getting the slack out and when I did the bending I felt some kind of stretch or release under the right scapula. When I would bend down I would feel this tissue stretch and the should blade just felt like it was hanging off the back.

5 Elements stomach

I know I've noticed this before I got busy with moving but I was doing the 5 elements some more and I noticed that after I do it when I sit down my stomach feels different, maybe larger or full? Is this just related to increased blood flow in that region or something from the different pressures on the organs? I know sometimes you've said if there is a full belly feeling it can mean that you are disconnected. Is this indicitive or something positive or negative? Or just what happens from doing the practice?

Achilles tightness

After our class yesterday I had a lot of tightness in the Achilles area.
We were doing the weight on one leg bending with only half the cavities for the beginning of class. Wondering if this is related to the ankle flexibility that you have said I need to work on as it's inhibiting some movement. I only felt the tightness on the ankle that was in the rear, should I practice the same thing with the other foot in the rear?