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Standing taller through the ribs

I forget what the proper terminology is for when we talk about slack and how it can be loose or more taut but for now I will just say pull out the slack to mean more taut.

Provoking Step / IT band

After the lesson this week the next day I felt some pain/soreness on the side of my leg beneath my knee. I also remember one of the times doing the provoking step when I was torqueing my body I felt a big stretch on the butt and I think that rep may have been the time that really stretched whatever was on that side of the leg. Is it normal to have soreness around this part of the leg when doing the provoking step or was I doing it wrong?

Abdomen stretch

Standing FBD

Yesterday when doing the standing meditation I felt a stretch on the front sides of the abdomen. It felt a little like a balloon type feeling like there was a tissue being stretched over an expanding inner object. Normally all the other stretching feelings I've felt  in past, e.g. foot couple, transverse, stretch on the back, they've all felt more linnear but this felt like the stretch was being stretched over a more round shape. I also felt like the round feeling stretch a little in my legs as well. This only happened once so not sure if this will happen again or not.