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San Ti Shi Elbows, Arm pit and Ribs


Up until now when I've done the San Ti Shi I've felt a big stretch in the back like I was getting rid of some of those fascia crosslinks and getting more mobility. Today when I was doing San Ti Shi I noticed though that the out reached hand side of the body could feel a closing of the ribs sensation when I was thinking about the elbow rotating inwards and the hand going forward. I also could noticed a connection through the arm pit area with the out stretched arm.

Stretch in the legs from bend and unbend

I was having some tingling sensations in my back which I've come to think means that there are just some parts of the fascia that are trying to slide that haven't really done that before and are maybe breaking those cross links. So I was doing a little bend and unbend repeatedly to try and help this part of the back work the connective tissue. After doing this for a little bit I realized that in the back of my legs the stretch was getting more and more tight with each bend and unbend.

Feeling lighter after 5 elements

Last week after we did the 5 elements lesson I got very tired and fell asleep on the couch before going to bed. When I woke up and walked to my bedroom my body felt like it was floating a little bit or like there was less gravity weighing me down. 

Is this something related to the 5 elements practice or was is just some random sensation because I took that nap after being exhausted from the 5 elements.