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Small Circulation

I had a great conversation with sifu today.


Okay. New thing. Lol. From the center of the right kua to about 2/3 of the way to the center, moving towards the navel I've been having a vibrational feeling. It feeling like when a bell is rung out a tuning fork is struck. It lasts from 5-30 seconds. I can't place what it may be resonating with, if anything.


Scratch that. Tapping that area sets off the vibration. It's interesting.I'm feeling it up into the lower abdomen now too. It doesn't feel very deep.

Internal Power and Cardio Health

torso inside


Students regularly ask me if they have to stop doing cardio or strength training in order to gain 'Internal Power'.

This is an excellent question that touches on every aspect of our training. I'll be succinct.

Site Upgrades

Small Circulation

I have released all the Stage 1 and Stage 2 videos in a simple layout for Stage 2 and Ongoing students, respectively. Once you complete the structured learning process, you will get quick access to previous lessons. Also, For Ongoing students I've improved the audio quality for the raw class audio archive. Streaming video broadcast coming later this month. I will continue to offer audio of most classes. Enjoy.