TJ Mar. 3

 Mar. 3:  Wuchi for 25 minutes, was able to get "full" feeling but not able to mobilize the feeling.  3 minutes of cloud hands, nothing was working right, it was all external so i bailed on it.  bagua cross-over warmup, twisting warmup, spine stretch followed by straight line walking 3 and 4 part- was able to soften to a degree but still trouble with leg tension and wanting to move forward without staying in each step.  circle walked for 15 minutes and it was a little more comfortable than previously.   attempted to do taiji form but could not relax (cool night air may have played factor) enough to achieve song or move in any way internally, bailed on form after two attempts.  finished with 5 movement qigong, same issue with tension and some alignment issues (lower back didn't want to let go), did regain full feeling but no mobilization, basically all external movement, still not getting in the proper place in the mind.    note: only very, very slight cold sensation following 5 movement qigong today