Umbrella ribs

The biggest change that I've encountered recently is my thoracic spine not collapsing. This started as a feeling of the bottom ribs spreading and being lifted like a parachute filling with rising air. To get this to happen, I would actually lift my ribs on the fron a little as if I were trying to catch some rising air and when placed correctly they lift and the entire ribcage becomes a supportive structure. After further training isee that the ribs are only changing because of the thoracic spine activating to get in on the Standing. The biggest effect has been that the power I can express with my arms and legs is WAY bigger. Lifting my tool box from the high shlef I store it on is not the hardest thing but it's generally a two hand job but with this in place it's an easy, one hand job. Another aspect of this feeling is the feeling of the front side of the U is just...there. The belly is released but not soft and the breath is much easier and softer.