TJ Mar. 19-22

TJ Mar. 19-22:  Spent last few days trying to be a receiver.  I feel that i'm trying too hard to "master" the material on the first shot and getting stuck in it.  Rewatched each class a couple of times each and followed along, noticing something new every time.  I think there may be an issue mentally that is keeping me caught on one aspect of training while the rest of the class moves on and this is when i miss something. Worked mostly on keeping the 13 points - have done well to concentrate on any one of them at a time, but having trouble, or at least working on, getting them all to come together at the same time.  Realized that most of the tension i experience comes from forgetting something about the training that was presented, which is why reviewing the tapes helps so much. Every bit of information is taught during the class, every question that arises in my head has been covered, it's only a matter of going back and finding it.  Getting much more comfortable with bitter pill, as long as i can get past the muscles and take the awareness to the bones the tension seems to stay at bay.  Once the 13 points are being adhered to, the surfaces of the body seem to take care of themselves (yin condenses and yang expands).  Doing the suggested 3 sets of 5 reps and noticing that as the exercise progresses i let go more and more.  Still crouching a little at the knees when going down instead of bending and the kuas, mostly due to my own haste ("one inch of correct movement.....").