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TJ Mar. 23


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Wed. Mar. 23:  Rewatched (word?) sections of each class and performed bitter pill 3x5 - really concentrated on 9 solids one empty, i feel that is something i wasn't giving enough attention to and noticed that the stuggles i've been experiencing with getting my hip/pelvic alignment correct sort of worked itself out a little once i emphasized keeping the 9 solid one empty principle, it also helped me settle the body downward and open the perineum better.  Also concentrated on expanding the back to come up in bitter pill instead of just popping up and out of alignment which really changes the movement to a much softer and smoother one.  Only issues i had were keeping the suggested pace of the exercise, i haven't yet worked up to a level of alignment and comfort to be able to move that swiftly and obey the principles sufficiently.      Arm circling exercise - started with a little tension in the shoulders but really concentrated on expanding and condensing into the movements and they felt really good.  Instead of putting myself into alignment i backed off and tried to allow myself to "fall" into alignment which seemed a little more natural and fluid, and frankly made my alignment closer to correct i think.  note:  working the 13 points as a primary goal opens up another section of comfort (example: 9 solids concentration settled hip dillema) so going to work on them at all times.  also, learning to do the material as it's taught and in the way instructed, getting the brain involved is convoluting and distorting the lessons from the way they were given.  lose the "conquer/figure out/analyze" mentality