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TJ Mar. 30


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Wed. Mar. 30: Bitter Pill - had a little trouble loosening up and getting the tension out at the beginning but after a couple of sets started to settle down and soften.  Still working on not allowing the front to expand, this will be a long process, finding the bones makes this easier and also releasing the shoulders ( and keeping 9 solid 1 empty ).  Circling Hands - at first tried to make my movements too big and beautiful and tried too hard to lead with intent, backed off, found bones and made smaller more vertical movements and felt much better. If i concentrate more on keeping the perineum down and expanding the yang surfaces on the legs and 9/1 on the feet it helps to soften the upper body, still expanding the front a little on condense to project but will come in time.  note: ease up, slow down, loosen.