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TJ Apr. 6


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Wed. Apr. 6:  Rocking exercise - still trying to understand "looping", got it a little i believe when concentrating on either initiating expand or condense depending on direction.  Bitter Pill - stayed pretty relaxed at the beginning but started to tighten up as i went on, don't really understand that.  Once relaxation goes, yang wants to condense and yin wants to expand, especially lower back/mingmen contracts.  Circling Hands - worked on intention and internal stretch, felt like i really got the internal stretch going today.  Settled down a little during circling hands but still not letting go all the way up top.

note:  tension will come about sometimes for no reason and sometimes my body won't  do what i tell it to.  it seems as if when i just settle in to a sunk position my alignment is better than when i consciously try and line up the 13 points


the 13 points are meant to be 'done' in the beginning with the goal of 'not doing' as your body comes into harmony. this is simply the process of recognize and realize. this week we'll be talking about the 'internal feel'. 

this awareness is buiult up over time. to maintain concentration is the goal at this stage. when your concentration wanes, you will get tense. just notice, set it aside and return to the exercise. little by little is how internal kung fu is developed.