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TJ Apr. 8


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Fri. Apr. 8:  6-3-1 / open-close class video - class was awesome, really felt good in everything we did.  Will have to go back again to really catch the concepts more completely.  But the point about being present always really helps to relax and settle in movement, also center forces to keep everything aligned.  Kept eyes soft and it initiated dropping of the front which in turn allowed the back to expand more gently.  I feel i did a good job of not making effort and staying at ease today, and all movement felt more natural.  When approaching a better feel the movement does tend to want to be spontaneous, during some open/close exercises my arms and hands wanted to circle out and spiral around while the torso and waiste ebbed and flowed, it was really nice.  note: all of the good movement (good feeling movement) felt as if beginning in the middle of the pelvis and stretched outward through the limbs, so there was smaller movement in the joints but seemed to be more flexible