TJ Apr. 14

Thur. Apr. 14:  Went back to week 2 for alignment and basics, still not loosening up, doing everything incorrectly.  Mental block or psychological issue getting in the way of being present and manifesting my training, or something like that i think.  Getting very frustrated and agitated each time I attempt an exercise, feel constant agitation and tension, muscle movements, almost as if I'm doing the opposite of the things i've been taught.  I don't understand why I continue to move in stiff, contrived movements and everything is requiring much effort.   I'm not sure I can even assume the 13 points when standing, everything looks and feels incorrect.  Bitter Pill - always feel the knees and shins (the only things i shouldn't be feeling) very pronounced, and shoulders are holding on, lower back wants to arch continuously.  Am continuing to keep my awareness and watching myself move rigidly.  Feet getting very heavy and warm.  Circling Hands Open/Close - same issues, stance is incorrect and feeling weight on the insides of the feet instead of 9-1, feeling expansion on the yin surfaces of the legs and tilting forward, tension continues through the upper body and out the arms.  Did the intention/"let off the brakes" sequences for absorb and project and felt very good about those and the body started to calm down.