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TJ Apr. 17


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Sun. Apr. 17:  Great class!  I was very wrong about expand and condense, i think this is what has been causing the excess tension, and most of the issues.  Expanding means the whole body is expanding, not just the yang surfaces.  Condensing means condense to the same point, not just the yin surfaces condensing (even though they are both always doing one and the other).  This is how I keep the feet barely touching, and this comes about as relaxation, looseness and ease are found.  I can now feel the fullness again and didn't really understand the term "roundness" until now, I thought the front wasn't supposed to be full, but the fullness goes full circle.  Therefore the center of mass is always in the core and as long as that fullness and that 3/5ths point is maintained then the feet will barely touch.  These things are already there!  That's why we are "recognizing" and "realizing", instead of "making" or "doing", because this is the "natural" state, the "internal feel", the "one feel", which is why it feels so much better.  I feel so much better, everything is so much better, because i don't have to "aquire" it, I just have to "recognize" and maintain it (and "refine" it).  The knees finally disappeared today, and the big toes wrapped a little on their own.  Also, I was expanding too high on the back, the mingmen is lower than i had originally thought and once i found it it was able to open it and fullness manifested.  Great class, the concepts are lining up now in my head and making sense. Open and Close was better but i'm still not soft enough to be able to see them opening and closing without looking very closely, will come with time.

note: begin with ease and looseness and recognize the 13 come about as well as fullness and the lightness on the feet.  everything expands, everything condenses