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TJ Apr. 25 #2


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Mon. Apr. 25 #2:  Had a good second session.  Really loosened up this time.  Did the usual routine but made sure to really focus and emphasize the loosening arm and body swings and made a real effort to stay present (watched a lot of Sigung Sam Chin youtube videos).  First part of bitter pill was a little tight but I remembered to do the exercise as if someone had their hands on me and with the intention of another's force.  By doing this I was able to find the center of mass at about dantian level and closer to mingmen.  This changed the whole body.. the feet spread and the knees disappeared, the upper body and torso "gave in" and loosened and the movements were much smoother and softer.  Still a ways to go as far as hip and waist flexability but will come with time.  Opening and closing was much better too, knees stayed aligned a bit better and really felt that the kuas were opening and closing.  Even did knee kick exercise and was able to stay in place for the most part aside from a little up and down movement.

note:  looseness is an outcome (effect) of the proper intention and mindfulness of the present, erasing the mind and observing the body brings about the proper feel, it isn't something that can be "assumed"