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TJ May 3


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Tues. May 3:  Did class video - feeling more and more at ease and beginning to make some bigger picture of the concepts. Still working on bringing those to the body, but body is feeling much better. Bones are showing up much easier and the ease is remaining more consistently.  Really feeling the suction on dantian and down through kuas after doing the squatting practices (Sifu's explanation and demos of dropping down the yin first really helped).  The suction on the front is opening the mingmen to a much better degree and this is helping the rest of the body surfaces expand or suction accordingly, and it just feels better too, helps the feet stay barely touching (level specific and appropriate "barely touching").  Through in some bitter pill and concentrated on the bones and keeping mingmen open, this helped the absorb-to-project sequence on the rising movements seem to be more natural.

note:  open awareness is maintained from sitting to movement exercises will keep tension at bay, and will allow observing without so much labeling and judgment