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TJ May 6-7


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Fri. Sat. May 6-7:  Changed routine, followed week 7 class video, then bitter pill and some circling/waving hands.  Focused more on suspending the crown and feeling the bones and ease.  Noticed that in ready stance, and resting posture that my upper mass leans/tilts a little forward of my lower mass. This has been causing my legs to reinforce my structure and thus the tightness in the legs when doing the exercises.  Noticed on rolling hips and ready stance exercises that I have VERY limited hip motion, can maybe go down a couple of inches on expand and condense hip rolling exercises.  However, it's better than what I was previously doing by going down deeper with effort and all the weight going straight to the knees and not even feeling the feet.  Although my range of motion is very limited, the movements feel much better, there is more of a stretching feeling in the tissues instead of a tensing or flexing feeling during movements, and almost like a rubberband sense of motion.  Found out that there will be a long way to go in getting the tissue range greater, or at least get that feeling.  But at least it feels right this time. 

note: don't worry about how restricted your movements are, it's more important that they are correct and feel correct