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TJ May 12


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Thur. May 12:  Abbreviated practice, did Bitter Pill and Circling hands only - felt lighter and a little softer, movements felt more connected, didn't think or try as hard.  Legs kind of shake a little on the upward movements, unsure what that is.  Circling Hands - upper body letting go better, feeling more expansion on outside of thighs down to feet and body better connected, still dropping head a little.  Working on neutrality, not 100% on exact meaning or feeling but thinking that it may be something like "staying in one place even though in motion or movement".   Trying to maintain some kind of "internal feel", but internal feel seems to have been "mood dependent" for me so far, unable to instigate consistently at will.

note:  all of these things will come together over time


Shaking when relaxing by balancing yin and yang means you are on the right track. Do not emphasize or diminish the shake, it is unimportant. Think of it only as a marker of the current state of your structure. Stay to the principles especially balance the body of yin and yang. Good job and thank you for your efforts to document your progress.

Thank you Sifu, that is very encouraging.