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TJ May 16


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Mon. May 16:  Rocking, Circling Hands, Bitter Pill, some hip rolls. Rocking - really concentrated on both releasing the tissues, getting the "fullness", and rocking from "u-joint".  Some calve flexion at first but really felt the suction on the front.  Bitter Pill - concentrated on release and fullness of tissues and making movements come from dantian/mingmen.  Felt pretty good about movement origination and the body stayed pretty even throughout.  Seem to be projecting better than I am absorbing but on the combo movements (from absorb to project in one movement) this transition seems to be a more natural one.  Circling Hands - focused on all the same things as well as stretching all the way through fingertips/crown/ bubbling well.  Sometimes feels like fullness will go away when more emphasis is put on the stretching to extremeties, but not overly tensed.