TJ May 25

Wed. May 25:  Did normal rocking/bitter pill/circling hands/open close routine.  Also worked on "down the front, up the back".  Feeling much better during Bitter Pill, big release in arm and shoulder tension today, really felt that the moves were coming from the inside out, had a lot of good focus.  Circling Hands felt the same also, although I still get tension in the knee cap.  It's only in the cap, and my knees are aligned well and not over extended or inside or outside.  I think I'm using some muscles incorrectly or something. But I did feel the expansion wrapping the outside of the legs and down the outside of the feet.  Also kept big toe a little better.  Probably could have gotten a little more loose and relaxed.  Open and close was ok, didn't feel as forced and sternum/belly button stayed together.  Overall good practice today.