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TJ June 1

Wed. June 1: Did Bitter Pill, Circling Hands, a little standing, a little Fajin exer., and some open/close - calmed down a little and felt better connection through the structure.  Still getting a little off when doing explosion for fajin, don't feel like it's fajinish, more like "throwing arms downish".  Worked on opening the back through each exercise and keeping perineum down.  Focused on the spreading of the yang surfaces down through the legs and was able to keep 9-1 as long as I didn't tighten up.  Stayed a little more upright during circling hands but still not able to go down very much. Do feel that coming up internally is tough, body starts really shaking but I do notice a clear "down the front, up the back" feeling.


Just get broke. :) As you put more power into your movements, be extra careful. Take your time, build up this power little by little. Always keep the principles. Success in the internal comes this way and no other.

Thank you Sifu.  My focus was on the explosion and I was abandoning the principles altogether.  I'll try what you said and go from slight power gradually up until it's the full movement.