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TJ June 2

Thur. June 2:  Only did Bitter Pill today -  caught first glimpse of the "13 points and structure", it was amazing.  I was able to just be there and the body completely held itself up.  It felt light and stable, and the whole body moved together.  Really focused on being in each and every moment, second to second and noticed that I cut out a lot of momentum.    The mingmen opening sprawled the limbs out and there was a very noticeable "compression" during certain closing parts of the exercise.  The tissues felt very soft and stretchy and especially the hands and fingers (fingertips), it was a concentrated kind of taffy like feeling or texture mixed with lightness and softness, and it required a ton of concentration, but mostly i had to allow it to sustain itself.


There is only one movement. Good for you to go deeper. Enjoy!