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TJ June 7-8

Tues/Wed. June 7-8:  Only did Bitter Pill and Waving Hands exer. - trying to make all movements adhere to the "being present while maintaining 13 points" rule.  Some days it's there and some it's not.  Have noticed that I am unable to make the movements at the instructed pace, or I must go a little slower to keep everything in connection.  Wondering which is more important at this stage.  The movements feel great when "it's on", ever single slight movement seems to stretch or expand the body, there's a sense of deep release and a fullness to a much more pronounced degree, it truly feels "internal" and the movements seem to come mostly from the mind.


Try to match the speed and tempo as demonstrated. The breath and movement must be lively. Just do your best to keep up. Put your intention on your attention. Good work. Be sure not to slow down the bitter pill, the timing is very important. The other movements can be done slowly, with the idea that matching speed will come as soon as possble.