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TJ June 15-16

Wed./Thur. June 15-16:  Bitter Pill, Waving, and "Rocking Waving" -  Focused a lot on ease and being sunk.  Decided not to initiate movement until the yang expansion down the sides of the legs and feet were established to ensure proper release.  Still struggling a little with suspending the crown, I either forget to do it or over do it. Felt pretty stable during bitter pill but might be using the arms a little too much.  Trying to get the internal feel coordinated with the pace of the movements.  Waving has been settling down any tension during bitter pill as long as I keep the perineum dropped and the yang feet surfaces expanded.  The rocking waving movement feels good.  Can really feel a bit of a "churning" sensation during the slower movements. Was happy to hear that the "tension like" feeling when loose isn't exactly tension and is good to have.  A lot of the time I might have been mistaking this for tension and getting frustrated.  It seems though that this hardness is more straight through the center of the structures like a line (through the arms to the spine, down the spine to the center of the pelvis or slightly behind center and down the legs to the bubblin well) and that further softening can make that go away and become a very cool state.  Hard to explain.

note:  keep ease and coordination, work the "moving the bones without moving"