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TJ June 26

Sund. June 26:  Great practice session today.  Think I'm making a little bit of progress.  Feeling all the right stretches, but still forgetting (at the beginning of each exer.) to drop the meat, but eventually let it go by the end of whichever movement.  Remember:  stacking balls on top of each other, let it drop.  Still working on crown and verticality.  Sifu addressed my biggest issues today: having to lean a little forward to open mingmen.  Worked the whole practice on staying suspended, and if I can get the muscles and ligaments, etc. to get used to the position from the get go then I don't have so much problem dropping from there.  As of right now it takes about two to three seconds to release everything enough while vertical, but once it goes it feels much better than the forward lean.  I think the legs need a little work too for this, but they are coming around in time.