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TJ July 10,11,12

July 10,11,12:  Did various exer. over the last few days ( bitter pill, waving, open/close, yin triangle, standing, dropping down front - back rising) -  wasn't taking meditative state into exercises the first couple of days, and took the principles for granted making myself very frustrated by having tight, jerky movements without ease.  Calmed down yesterday and simply suspended the crown.  Then the body kind of came into alignment a little and I went through one by one on the 13 making small adjustments.  At certain points during the exer. i would begin to lose ease and rush, I had to stop, and start again gently and this helped.  It seems that if the angle relation between the belt meridian and the spine/crown isn't right then the whole yin/yang surface relationship is gone.  Without being properly suspended (with slight inverted relationship) the weight and gravity force will not go down to middle of foot, the yang surfaces will not open, and definitely won't spread, especially the mingmen and if that doesn't happen then the yin surfaces won't condense either.  The weight will get caught at various places in the body on the way down and the feet will get very heavy.  Verticality to an extent seems to be very important to getting the yang surfaces to open and expand allowing the body to relax without the added work of holding itself up.  Then the fullness can come and the movements can express more from inside to out.  (at least it seems to me over the last few days)