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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to mention that i really appreciate how these lessons are aimed at creating specific feelings.  That these methods are authenticated as a feeling one wants in Taiji or other internal art, instead of a one off experience that happens during training, is really refreshing.  i am happy to be here.  

i have asked around about the idea of the whole body being light and agile and at the same time whole body being sunk.

really cool to have a simple method of attaining this quality!!!

thank you for sharing Kelley,



If i say "Boy, this apple sure is sweet" and you'e never tasted sweet, how can we have a conversaton about the wonderfulness of the apple? If I can't make you feel what you are supposed to feel in the body to rediscover your natural power and grace, of what use am I? What is my understanding worth? Nothing. So, I thank you for engaging in the material and sharing your experience.