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Slow Progress

I'm nearing the end of a 9-month program to get my personal trainer's certification which means I'm getting slammed with deadlines. I am still working on relaxing while doing wuji standing and have not yet moved on to Bitter Pill. Friday night I stood for 13 minute intervals for a total of 42 minutes. My focus was really to get the weight out of my knees and into my ankles. I did the same thing last night (Sunday) for 15 minutes as well as during the Yiquan standing in my Taiji class this morning. I'm finding that perhaps I am trying to sit too deep--which is a problem my teacher pointed out to me when I first began Taiji 3 years ago. 

I am noticing a lot of shaking in my thoracic spine and in my forearms and shoulders, as well. My shoulders have been carrying a lot of tension for some time-- so much that I had to back off of my Yiquan standing so that I did not damage something. 

One thing that I am going to push myself to do is develop an actual sitting practice. I stood last night for 15 minutes and sat for 15 minutes. For now I can only manage to count breaths. Towards the end I started to imagine that I was flying an X-wing in Star Wars. I have no idea why that popped into my head. 

Today I sat for 15 minutes after class. I found myself wanting to go to sleep much of the time. The rest of the time I had a lot of thoughts about a friend of mine who I think is going through a depression. I tried not to follow the thoughts, but I've realized that I have to accept whatever happens in the present time with that particular relationship. The only thing I can really do is continue to meditate, exercise, and practice my kungfu so that I don't blow up when her personality takes a complete 180-degree turn. 


Our foundtional qigong, The Bitter Pill, is designed to smooth out mind and body so that you can better engage the practice. All practice. Just follow along the training week by week. Do not try to master any one before going to the next. My advice is to do The Bittter Pill when you wake and before retiring. Otherwise, train what you will, but do not go beyond your limits of structure at any time. Respect them.