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TJ Aug. 22


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Mon. Aug. 22:  Pretty good practice.  Two things became clear from yesterday's class:  got a lot of work to do, my body still has a lot of releasing ahead.  Had previously been slightly keeping the head up for "suspending the crown", but realized yesterday that the body needs to actually be hanging from it.  I wondered why I had such a hard time keeping the looseness and the stretchy feeling, apparently i was merely keeping the head somewhat up (just enough to not slump over).  Now that i am actually suspending from the crown the body has a new quality, it drops from the crown and there's a stretch all the way down, wrapping from the yang side.  My fingertips stretch and extend naturally now and the 13 points are much easier to keep.  I don't know how I didn't totally get this over the past few months, but I'm glad I got it now.  Got totally lost during yesterday's wrapping lesson so I'll have to go back and watch again, but waving today was really good.