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TJ Aug. 25


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Thur. Aug. 25:  Another great practice today.  Hectic clinical/work schedule making me be very selective about exercises, but decided to go with loosening exer., then bitter pill, a little waving and open/close, then the two new exer. we learned last time (wedgy breath and fishing).  Noticing that as I can get closer to the principles the body can get more and more at ease, and bringing up this lively feeling inside helps to keep things in the present (although i am projecting as if with an opponent).  bitter pill and waving feels great and I am really feeling the stretchy feeling shooting out of the fingertips as i let the body go deeper and deeper, also the spiraling of the joints gets a wonderful extension or expansion of the tissues and the connections link up, I think much of this has to do with getting into the work of the wedgy breath and fishing by moonlight exercises.  Finding some balance in the up the back down the front, and this is coming about somewhat on its own when the meat sinks and the crown is suspending well.  One of the more important things (seems to me) that I'm noticing is that the better i am at bringing about the proper conditions due to principles the more precise I can make the points.  Suspending the crown went from the top of the back of the head to about the size of a quarter and it really brought about a deeper feel of spine lengthening, this in turn allowed me to zero in on both the dantian and mingmen points to about quarter size as well.  The finer I can get the points the more the conditions manifest in a full sense, and with that comes deeper and deeper ease.  Still working on the wrapping, but I'll get there in time.

On a side note, finally found some spinning hands partners.  Went to an Aikido/Tae Kwon Do/ many other arts school locally and met two practitioners who told me they would love to train with me and help me with my partner work, they even offered to open their dojo for us to use whenever.  They said that they practiced all the arts offered at their school and were always looking for other arts to learn to broaden their "game".  I gave them the art name and site address and perhaps if they enjoy some of the partner work they will be joining chifactory as well and I'll have some sort of study group here!! fingers crossed.


it's always nice to see a community build around real work.