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TJ Sept. 3

Sat. Sept. 3:  Long practice with all new exer. included.  Meat took some time to get sunk, did a lot of bitter pill to get the body loose.  Was having some issues trying to make power early and middle part of practice.  Also wasn't reaching an aware state.  Trying to muscle through some of the movements and not remaining neutral.  This put me back in the bad habit of starting and stopping exercises in the middle of them.  Realized that my mind was too busy trying to get these things correct, I decided to just do the exercises without judgement (as we are taught to do, duh) and noticed that if i just kept doing the exercise at some point my body would start correcting itself, the meat would melt down and wrap the way it should and the perineum would drop through.  Like an auto-adjust in order to keep its own balance, and didn't require any thought, only focus.  But also, focus increased as the conditions made themselves more apparent.  So this is something I need to do consistently... not attempting to nail the exercises (a lesson I seem to keep learning over and over, not so different from most other aspects) but just to simply do them, and allow the mind and body to find their way into the proper places.  By the end of the session I felt that I had gotten some real work in.