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TJ Sept. 12-13

Mon./Tues. Sept. 12-13:  Last two days, nothing there.  No points are being correctly done, no conditions being met, brain all over the map, etc.  Punching the clock, going through anyway.  Still confused as to why it happens this way, but still giving it time.  Towards the end just began to get my body to where it should have been at the beginning, just loosening up and wanting to balance yin/yang.  Moments of 9-1 on the feet fleetingly, moments of i, qi, li, but 90% crap.  As if I had just started today and had never practiced in my life.  Going to try again later, getting frustrated, no awareness, full of judgement. Keep punching the clock.


sometimes the feelings are hard to catch. this is a good time to look at the 3 mental factors, present, formless and neutral. the solution is there.



Is it advisable that someone feeling resentment, depressed, anxious or too stressed to practice some chi kung or a particular exercise when mood variations are a bit stronger than so often happens in every day life?


Do internal arts be considered as another resource of healing or, at least, be helpful for someone with profound disturbances – for example PTSD, ADD, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety disorders and so on – who is well cared by taking medication, doing TCM or some sort of alternative medicines or proceedings in such a way that his mood is stabilized and the person is totally autonomous and responsible? 


If a student cannot understand neutral, no advancing or backing off, the student certainly cannot manifest tai chi principles. Anyone who can understand this can practice. Any negative emotion should be addressed just like any other feeling. Much care should be taken, however, to not follow. There are specific techniques to apply to negative emotions in a meditative setting. Qigong is not that setting. In qigong, keep the attention in the center of the lower mass of the body ( dantien/mingmen center point ). If your attention rises to the center of the upper mass or above, you will become agitated. If you cannot maintain the attention down, do some other practice. Don't play around with this requirement. There's plenty of other things to do that gives benefit without undue agitaton.

If agitated, do the 'Bitter Pill' exactly as described. Use the video and follow along. Have fun!

Thank you Sifu, sometimes I forget about the attention getting above the middle dantian causing agitation and monkey-mind. 



Thank you very much sifu for your concise and enlightened guidance. Having done proper attention to your advices and remembering class teachings a worried mind may surely have its relief.