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Questioning about correct posture meditation


In my meditation practice I’ve found that small adjustments in the torso make a big difference on the neck tension and the pressure feeling inside the belly – certainly I remember the basic requirement of not forcing the breath.

My inquiring is linked to my observations above and directly connected with cushion’s height and weight distribution between the back and both knees in any of traditional meditation postures. 

These changes happen when these three base points range from an equal distribution for each one to an unequal distribution where the back or the knees are the preferred support to shoulder hip torso alignment

Having in mind that we want a natural posture what would be the answer to a correct meditation posture?



any adjustments in your posture that lead towards more stability and more ease are to be emphasized. anything else, leading to less stability and less ease is to be dropped. :) details are up to you and your individual joint mobility and alignments. always strive to be more refined and more completely manifesting the basic principles. then simply follow the guided meditation instruction.

sometime it hurts when a joint is constricted, as in the knee, ankle or hip joints. this passes. in my guided meditations, you can always move your foot or leg to accomodate the cramping or numbness. return to the stable posture as soon as you are able. don't quit the meditation. maintain ease, even in pain or discomfort. this is possible and encouraged.


Thank you very much Sifu. As I had been taught before a taut posture was a requisite to quiet the mind. I have found something new in your teachings, now I realized the important concept of being at ease that you so many times recall and I think that it is not so deeply understood and maybe even depreciated. Being at ease, as I see it now, is as vital as breathing to pursue the profound meaning of meditation.

I am with you 100% on that one Paulo, without the ease I am not doing meditation, just sitting there being irritated.  In fact without the ease I'm not doing the training either, just moving around distractedly and tense without focus or anything else.