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TJ Sept. 30

Fri. Sept. 30:  Paulo recently posted about "ease" in meditation, even so emphasized a breakthrough he had to the point of expressing his belief that the idea of "ease" as revolutionary, I tend to agree (as i already posted).  Bringing this point to movement is a big one for me, much of the time concentrating too hard, or maybe not too hard but not "correctly" on "doing" things the proper way that I forget about ease, and releasing constantly.  We are not to force the breath just as we are not to force anything else, whether expand or absorb or condense,etc.  Having the ability to become aware enough to be neutral enough to allow these things is a lesson I seem to have to keep re-learning over and over again.  And speaking of over and over again.... I don't know what I would have done or where i would be now if Sifu hadn't thought to record the classes and put them up for us to review as many times as we like.  I don't know if it's because during the class broadcast I'm trying to simultaneously listen and watch Sifu while also keeping aware of and observing my body and feelings but it seems there's always something, something small, or even a single word that I miss the first time around that makes a huge difference on the second look.  To be honest, I'm not even sure watching each video twice is enough, most of the time it takes a third look (after practicing as well) to begin to comprehend many of the lessons on the proper level.  I wish there was more time in the day to be able to just go over and over and over them.  I recommend to anyone who reads these posts to revisit the classes, regardless of how long ago the classes were, at least once, there's always something I catch and I believe you may as well.



exactly! watch again and again. chi factory curriculum is designed for depth and repetition. each viewing can offer another fresh insight. the best thing a teacher can do is teach you how to train. these are your tools... sifu on demand. 


Thanks Sifu. Besides your excellent teaching competence you are very knowledgeable and suggestive when describing important kung fu concepts. If we let our imagination float as in an Ang Lee or Bertolluci film, maybe we’ll get the “flavour” of real song for the sake of our kung fu sisters and brothers.

I’ll let prospective students of stage two arriving at their week 8 lesson to appreciate by themselves the very idea of song. 

The best traditional explanation I have got until now used the image of the action of a knife tearing a bag of rice!

Sifu, thanks again for your spontaneous effort and sensibility in teaching us real kung fu even to the least detail!

I’m deadly serious but at ease when expressing these ideas! :)