TJ Oct. 4

Tues. Oct. 4:  Good practice today, did less, but better quality I think.  So here is the process (when it's working,lol) for me in the body, please someone add or subtract in regards to your own experiences, and Sifu if something is to be taken out or added to......

Firstly, get into some approximation of the 13 (to include buddha smile and dropping down the front).  Then loosen, loosen, loosen, loosen.  Once some loosening begins to happen the joints ease up and let go a little and the weight starts to drop down into the abdomen region.  When the breath finds itself down around the perineum (because looseness is adequate and is being maintained) begin awareness there for initiating inhales and exhales.  When the breath gets going down in the perineal area the belt meridian fills up and the kuas open a little, at least enough to sort of link up the legs and waist and feet, and then the mingment begins to expand.  When the mingmen expands a little, the thoracic spine rises and straightens up (opens up) and the cervical area begins to open to the top back crown point.  Simultaneously while this is happening the chest disappears and the shoulders drop while the scapulae drop and spread a little and the big toes wrap just a bit more.  Now, as long as the shoulders stay dropped the elbows get an "awareness", kind of like the connection goes straight from the torso to the elbows and the shoulders are merely the pathway.  The weight finds the center of the feet and the insteps soften and come up slightly.  If I can keep all of this through constant releasing i go into the "sunk meat" part, and if successful the muscles seem to fall away straight down.  Now, if i can begin to approach "soft" then the muscles undergo another phase, instead of merely being sunk and hanging they do somewhat of an expansion, but not like spreading but more like becoming less dense.  It sort of like the difference between rump roast when still frozen and raw and then after it's been roasted.  The meat is softer and pulled away from both the bone and each other.  Anyway, when i can get to this point is when the good stuff happens.  Because now that the meat is out of the way the body seems to instinctively know where to put itself, very small micro-adjustments are made and the kua/waist/mingmen area becomes very open and almost seems to fuse with the legs, the arms disappear and the crown suspends very clearly, also the yang surfaces do a big expansion especially running down the outside of the thighs and around the feet as well as the lat region under the scapula and the traps drop down.  A linkage forms from the bottom of the feet through the "melted and inactive" meat up to the center of mass and straight to the elbows and crown.  So the body, as long as it stays still, doesn't have to do the movements, the "linkage" running through it creates the movements through the body.  So it's kind of like the body is just a medium or a container that surrounds the movement and also expresses the movement.  And this is as far as I've gotten.  And I can only maintain it for small amounts of time, but those times are getting longer.

So Sifu says not to "do" anything, and this is the process I've noticed with myself.  And it only can happen "on its own", and I run into trouble with frustrating practice sessions and exercises when I try to bring these things about.  So, it seems like letting go of the body to an extent and taking a bit of a leap of faith with the muscles helps this come about.